1960s Feminine Fashion

“mods & mini-skirts galore!”

channel: motion design
keywords: fashion, explainer, research

Filter Focus was created in collaboration with Courtney Shinaberry to respond to the "new normal" that COVID had us living in. Zoom life has made everyone less likely to interact or realize any nonverbal cues you would typically see in everyday life. Small conversations were also lost because of Zoom and wanting to hop on and "leave meeting". By creating a phone featuring an Instagram filter attached to a mirror, it begins to tell a metaphor of how people will focus only on the screen and almost ignore the surrounding messages being shown to
them in physical/real life.


As someone interested in this decade of fashion, I already had a little prior knowledge, but I wanted to get a deeper understanding of the context of the decade.

Design Directions

The next step was something new, learning to make distinct design directions that fit the video's theme but are also different enough to distinguish. I chose “Paper Dolls” as one theme and “Geometric Patterns” as the second. Both correlate to the decade, but each has a different movement that would happen. In the end, it was “Paper Dolls” that was the chosen direction.


Creating an animatic was the next step in the process, creating a frame-by-frame video that would show potential movement with photographs.

Final Outcome

This video taught me a lot about After Effects and helped me understand the importance of telling a story and getting the timing right within the project.

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