Collection Project

“you can never have too many friends!”

channel: interaction/ux design
keywords: research, collecting images, app and web design

This character is 5 apples tall and is NOT a cat! Hello Kitty has been a character I have grown up loving and collecting. The focus of this project was to re-contextualize a collection for both mobile and desktop screens. Easy for me, I have a wide array of Hello Kitty items at my disposal!

With limited resources due to working through a pandemic, Getting good photos was a small difficulty. Using resources became vital and problem-solving became easier after getting creative with things around the house. After photographing each item, an experience needed to be designed. The audience was either friends or fellow collectors interested in the character. 

Final Outcome

Taking my collection I created a mobile experience that swipes through to show a color story behind the object of the collection and when pressed plays a message or small little anecdote about the object from my view. The desktop version has a focus on an essence word then picks small details and makes the object unrecognizable but keeps their main interesting details.

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