Sweet Dreams!

“Good Night! Sleep Tight!”

channel: branding + prototyping
keywords: sewing, pattern design, fabric printing, laser cutting, branding

A child's bedroom is one of the first places they are left alone, but it should always be where they feel safe. A bedroom should always be a place of comfort and a place to come to where you never feel scared. As I took inspiration from the 1960s acidic colors and designers like Alexander Girard and House Industries, I created bold patterns that take type and create a fun and playful set of items that not only bring joy and comfort but provide a different view to decorating a child's bedroom. If a child fears the dark, a night light gives them the security that no monsters are under the bed. A soft and comfortable pillowcase provides a safe place to rest their head but also serves the functional purpose of carrying items when going on an overnight sleepover. And finally, a friendly teddy to bring joy and support when they feel they need something to hug or tell them it will be okay. Through these three items, a sense of comfort, joy, and security combines playfulness and fun design that stands out from the crowd of current-day childhood necessities.

Research - Looking Into Inspirational Ideas

This project's primary audience was children (and maybe the child inside of all adults), so I wanted to ensure I created something bright, colorful, and imaginative.

Preliminary Prototypes + Pattern Designs

Throughout the process, I created many prototypes, using the laser cutter, sublimation printing my fabrics, sewing, hand stitching each bear, and even learning how to melt and bend acrylic.

Final Outcome

This project was a very exciting one! Not only was I able to be playful, but I could also make usable items that functioned and jumped from the screen to the physical space!

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