Emotional Baggage

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channel: digital imagery
keywords: type, image, sewing, mockups and collage

Picking apart emotions can sometimes be hard, but whatever the weather our accessories can display your emotions rather than explaining them. Intending to create four of something that represents joy, sadness, anger and fear, Courtney Shinaberry and I created tote bags and other fashion accessories that represented each of the emotions through weather patterns.


The main goal for this project was to get people to have more conversation about how they’re feeling, even if that communication is through nonverbal cues like what you wear.

Bags Designed and Sewn by Stephanie Hoff
Collage Images Created with Courtney Shinaberry

Final Outcomes

The design process for this included asking peers and friends how they visualize the emotions and what they associate with each emotion. People spoken to had said happiness felt like sunshine that helped spark the idea of weather being used to connect emotions to. Joy is represented by Sunshine, Anger-Tornado, Fear-Lightning and finally Sadness-Cloud/Rain. Working together with a partner on this project made communication and trust within a fellow creative very important, but also being able to take the lead and make decisions of your own can also be crucial.

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