Object Project

“With Bouncing Soles”

channel: print
keywords: semiotics, type, image

Known to stand the test of time as some of the most durable boots, Dr. Martens is one of the most popular brands in the world (Selling close to 11 million pairs of shoes a year!) Using a Dr. Martens brand platform boot, a series of photo/type studies were created. The intent of this was to use type and image to create a set of posters with various sizes (20”x20”, 10”x10”, and 5”x5”) that have a distinct denotative and connotative base.

The boot has a 1.5” thick sole that lets the boot have a big impact and has a loud look. When starting the process, utilizing many different photo opportunities (like shadows vs reflection) and experimenting with unusual views of the shoe itself (zoom on stitching and grooves, shooting from underneath, and even looking at just the eyelets). Using the images as a way to experiment, type was a way to communicate a message. The denotative images relied on a lot of more basic information while the connotative info investigated more into the culture around the boot and brand of Dr. Martens.

Overall outcomes from this project were learning how multiple images work together to create a whole system and how typography/words can change the context of an image.

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