The Condon Report

“what’s that out there?”

channel: print
keywords: publication design, type, image

Is there something up in that UFO? Taking “The Condon Report” a 300+ page document and redesigning it was a big task, but through multiple iterations and lots of small detail checks, it became a fully fleshed-out book.

Encouraging a little bit of that conspiracy theorist in people, the book lets people question is there something there? This book was able to show how type needs to work within a book and without a specific flow to it, it can get messy quickly.

Final Outcome

While this book was one of the largest tasks in my career so far, it helped me to get a feel for InDesign and encouraged an interesting typographic (sometimes difficult) layout. Understanding the basic layout and how scale would be perceived at true size, proved the diligence that is needed to make a book have flow.

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