“We’ve got the skills & the gills!”

channel: graphic design/branding
keywords: poster design, type, image, mockups

826 is a store and tutoring center that focuses on having a theme for each chapter related to its city. For this project, Louisville was the chosen city. The concept is that "the nearby Ohio River has become polluted by waste from the town, which has led to mutant fish monsters curating a place to lure and trap humans. "The project's focus was to create all the different brand elements that share the same fun feel as the other 826 stores across the U.S.


Beginning with a LOT of research, I narrowed down my subject to focus on aquatic life. I felt I could go in many directions with it that could be fun and exciting for both children and adults.

Preliminary Sketching

After sketching, The 826 LOO-A-VIL became the official name!

Final Poster

Throughout the process, I gained a lot of knowledge in branding. As this was my first significant branding project, I learned how lockups work and how iterating will lead you down the right path.

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