The Stepanova Times

channel: print
keywords: research, designer, newspaper, type and image

The 1920s in Russia was a time of change - The designer Varvara Stepanova grew as a designer/artist. The objective was to design something that educates people about a chosen designer.

Preliminary Research

Research was extensive and included finding a lot of information to contextualize the designer. A newspaper was created to encompass Stepanova’s life as an artist, explain how she fits into the Avant-Grade movement, and what life was like in Russia during the early 1900s.

A newspaper was something physical that spread information during her time and felt like the right option to display her life. With a general audience interested in past design or textile design, the newspaper takes on a square grid form that is supposed to mimic a textile square that creates different patterns as the newspaper goes through.

Takeaways from this project include doing as much research as possible because often, connections will be made between things that aren’t surface level but can be found through exploration.

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